Welcome Meyers & Fügmann !

Ernest is really happy to welcome a new designer at the shop !

Meyers and fugmann creation blog post brussels concept store
Sarah Meyers & Laura Fügmann are the founders of Meyers & Fügmann - a studio for textile and product design based in Berlin and Luxembourg ! They met during their studies of textile and surface design in Berlin. 
They think that spreading the knowledge of how goods are made as well as the ability of making them is a necessity. Through their collections they want to share their backgrounds, sensibility and skills. 
Ernest's founders have made a special selection of their products ... just for you !
Meyers and fugmann cushions blog post brussels concept store
These pillow cases in virgin wool are made with a dyeing technique called "itajime shibori". All colorants used are 100%. These pillow exists in several colors, andyou can shop them by clicking here ! Perfect to spend a cosy afternoon on the couch ! 
Meyers and fugmann wood frame brussels concept store
Place your favorite picture on your shelves, and give a second life to your memories !  These frames are made of oakwood and a piece of acrylic glass held together by two transparent rubber. Elegant and original they will allow you to decorate your interior with taste ! You can find them here !
We hope you'll like them as much as we do ! 


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